Release Notes


Version 1.02 (11.25.2015)

  • Adds Squash, a new enemy that throws a pumpkin at you. Defend with the shield! Or, if you can take him down with an arrow first, do it!
  • Improves the Shield
    • 1-second invincibility when getting out of shield mode
    • Monsters get stunned after attacking the shield, delaying their next attack
    • Shield button better indicates when shield mode is active
    • Special meter charges whenever you ward off a monster attack with the shield
  • Improved arrow aiming again
  • Improved sword swipe (uses continuous collision instead of discrete, results in a better chance of swipe attack hits).
  • Bow special attack sorts monsters by closest first. Hooray!
  • Sword special attack range is increased slightly.
  • Landscape mode screenshot picture no longer stretched.