Tips and Tricks



If the game is not running as smoothly as you want on your device, try adjusting some settings in the Settings Panel, available from the main menu, or the in-game pause menu.

Receive Shadows

If enabled, monsters receive shadows from other monsters. Disable to slightly improve performance.

Cast Shadows

If enabled, monsters cast shadows onto the ground. Disable to significantly improve performance.

Shadow Quality

Setting to Low will draw pixellated shadows, but improve performance. Setting High will draw crisp shadows, but impact performance.

Ambient Light Level

Set low for a more spooky, immersive experience. Set high for more visibility in brighter conditions, like in daylight.

Sound Effects

Disabling may slightly improve performance.

Lock Screen Rotation

Enable to prevent the screen from auto-rotating between portrait and landscape while playing the game.


Want to get a higher Take Down score? Try out these tips to improve your Take Down count!

  • Switch to the Bow when a round starts. Then, you can pick off some zombies before they get too close to the Hero.
  • Switch to the Sword when monsters get too close to the Hero. Allow time to change weapons, or else the monsters may attack while your Hero is defenseless.
  • Keep an eye on which monsters are closest to the Hero, and how long they’ve been there. Check out the Baddies page to see which monsters attack quicker than others.
      • If one Zombo gets to our Hero before another Zombo, the first Zombo will attack the Hero first, so make sure to take it down first.
      • If one Zombo gets to the Hero at the same time as a Skello, the Skello will attack first, so make sure to take down the Skello first.
  • Taking hits from monsters with your shield will also add to your charge meter. If the Hero is close to fully charging the special attack, switch to the shield and wait to unleash a deadly whirlwind attack on the monsters!